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links for 2006-12-29

Dennis Forbes – The Overloaded Power Grid vs Gadgets : Deathmatch Showdown! A very interesting look at the power consumption of some common gadgets (tags: power ecology economics computer television saving) – The Big Rewrite (tags: programming software refactoring read-later) Advertisements

links for 2006-12-24

Dennis Forbes – On PC Power Saving — S1 to S3 standby – dumppo.exe (tags: power computer standby hibernation windows utility) The New York Review of Books: Inside the Time Machine (tags: review pynchon novel nyrb read-later) The New York Review of Books: Better Late Than Never (tags: review iraq james.baker nyrb read-later) The New […]

links for 2006-12-22

The Daily WTF – The Call of Codethulhu (tags: programming java humour daily-wtf) The Universe of Discourse : ssh-agent (tags: security ssh agent sysadmin unix-tools)

links for 2006-12-17

Military History Online (tags: war2 military history usa wehrmacht read-later)

links for 2006-12-15

HOWTO: Wireless Security – WPA1, WPA2, LEAP, etc. – Ubuntu Forums (tags: wireless linux ubuntu howto wpa security)

links for 2006-12-12

Author Interview Week: Karl Schroeder (tags: interview sf author read-later) Peter Watts’ Backlist (tags: ebook creative-commons read-later fiction sf) Blindsight (tags: fiction sf ebook creative-commons read-later)

links for 2006-12-08

The Whisperer in Darkness – Wikisource (tags: horror lovecraft ebook read-later) Julie Ask – Unlocked Cell Phones – Do Carriers Want These Customers? (tags: mobile usa business read-later)