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ThinkWiki Wiki for ThinkPads (tags: wiki resource computer unix linux thinkpad install howto laptop) Advertisements

links for 2007-01-30

Prophetic Justice Thoughtcrime trials. I’m reading about the McCarthy era right now, there are a lot of parallels. (tags: fundamentalism war-on-terror islam law read-later)

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Main | QReader Ebook reader for S60 (tags: ebook reader application series60 nokia e61)

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Nokia – Podcasting – Software – Nokia N91 – Product support – Get support and software (tags: podcast nokia application)

links for 2007-01-25

E-Series » Blog Archive » WiFi Connection on the Nokia E61 long set of comments on poor saps like me trying to get WPA connections working on the E61’s wifi (tags: nokia e61 wifi wpa) Vox Knowledge Base: Using Vox Mobile links to mobile apps for vox (tags: vox mobile nokia s60 application moblog)

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E61 setup Jim and I are working on getting our E61's ready (tags: nokia e61 mobile software settings howto)

links for 2007-01-19 Headphones, iPod earphones, portable audio, MP3 players, high-end audio (tags: headphones audio hifi high-end forum) Progress Quest (tags: game geek humour distributed mmorpg software windows parody) The Insider : Latest in UI Inconsistencies in Windows Vista (tags: windows vista ui design human-interface read-later)

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Enable WPA Wireless access point in Ubuntu Linux — Debian Admin This is what finally enabled me to connect to the Fon router (tags: linux ubuntu wireless wpa howto fon)

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Föreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning (tags: science skepticism sweden)

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Nokia Business Software Downloads Mail for Exchange (tags: email mobile nokia microsoft exchange work) E-Series » Blog Archive » Nokia E61 Mail For Exchange – ActiveSync installing Mail for Exchange on an E61 (tags: mobile email nokia e61 microsoft exchange active-sync work)