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links for 2007-02-27

Scintilla and SciTE (tags: editor windows software programming) XEmacs: List of XEmacs mirrors and download sites (tags: xemacs emacs programming editor windows) Frequently asked questions about XEmacs: External Subsystems (tags: xemacs gnuclient faq)

links for 2007-02-24

It’s All Text! | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation extension for editing TEXTAREAs with arbitrary editors (tags: firefox extension text editor)

links for 2007-02-20

Voice of S60 S60 podcast (tags: podcast subscribe-later s60 mobile technology)

links for 2007-02-18

MPAA Steals Code, Violates Linkware License | TorrentFreak Why practice what you preach when you can steal other’s work and make a spectacle of yourself in front of the entire Internet? (tags: corporate licensing blog mpaa humour)

links for 2007-02-15

Pirates of the Multiplex: On The Web: (tags: copyright movies piratebay read-later)

links for 2007-02-13

Move Under Ground (tags: ebook free read-later horror cthulhu) A Political History of SF (tags: criticism essay sf politics read-later) makepalmdoc makepalmdoc is a simple Palm Doc database generator. It’s roughly similar to the C++ makedoc, although the compression flag is ignored (created databases are always compressed). (tags: perl utility palm-doc ebook format tools)

links for 2007-02-09

The Ecstasy of Influence (tags: copyright writing article read-later)

links for 2007-02-08

This American Life podcasts (tags: podcast radio usa npr subcribe-later)

links for 2007-02-06

ATTAP Unconvetional Arterial Intersection Design Road geekery! (tags: intersections traffic design urban geek) Pete Lacey’s Weblog :: They can’t hear you (tags: devel architecture software rant enterprisey read-later)

links for 2007-02-05

XML for Perl developers, Part 1: XML plus Perl — simply magic Can this be the magic XML bullet for Perl? (tags: perl programming devel xml howto work) The New Yorker : fact : content (tags: military war-on-terror information counterinsurgency read-later)