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links for 2008-01-31

On Arc, Paul Graham, and Unicode support as an exercise for the programmer // Wise words from Aristotle about the boneheaded decision to leave Unicode support in Arc for “later”. I hope Graham has copious free time, he’s gonna need it (tags: arc development programming criticism unicode) Phil Factor’s Phrenetic Phoughts : Microsoft Boy […]

links for 2008-01-30

PuTTY for Symbian OS – Snapshots and Unofficial Builds (tags: putty s60 e61 ssh software) The Universe of Discourse : The Census Bureau’s data file deliciously funny post from MJD about munging Census data. The pain! (tags: programming datamunging humour zomgwtf footnotes presentation data spreadsheet export)

links for 2008-01-29

Call Me Fishmeal.: MacBook Air Haters: Suck My Dick really good post about the Macbook Air and the Apple design philosophy: hardware as appliance (tags: blog rant apple macbookair design appliance) Blog – /Tech using Amazon S3 for backup, something I’m planning to do in my copious free time (tags: amazon s3 backup unix-tools)

links for 2008-01-28

Home – OpenSourceCMS try before you install (tags: cms unix application online trial testing) UFRaw at Digital Light and Shadow UFRaw tutorial (tags: photography tutorial ufraw gimp howto)

links for 2008-01-26

Mike Davidson – A Rookie Guide to Digital SLR Cameras bookmarked for the comments (tags: camera photography guide rookie beginner) Dante Stella – Gossen Digisix review cheap light meter review (tags: photography lightmeter review digisix) Discussion Forums @ Nikonians – Tell me about Light Meters Nikonians discussion thread (tags: lightmeter forum nikonians photography) Stevey’s Blog […]

links for 2008-01-24

The Universe of Discourse : Smallest state capitals MJD compares US state capitols to their largest cities. Fascinating mostly for the number of towns that are state capitals that I’ve never even heard of (tags: usa states statistics population capital city trivia) FFFFOUND! image bookmarking… posting this to is a bit meta (tags: image […]