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links for 2008-02-28

Creating a custom HTML theme | Tumblr For later perusal (tags: tumblr howto customization html theme) WinSplit Revolution Tool for window management in Windows. Via Coding Horror (tags: windows utility winsplit) Advertisements

links for 2008-02-27

xkcd » Blog Archive » ROBOT9000 and #xkcd-signal: Attacking Noise in Chat interesting approach to IRC channel policing (tags: irc bot xkcd language conversation moderation)

links for 2008-02-26

Virtuous Code › Monkeypatching is Destroying Ruby Interesting look into some (unhealthy) development practices within the Ruby community (tags: ruby design programming community) Net::Twitter – Perl interface to – what is says on the tin (tags: twitter perl module cpan api) Net::Tumblr – fubaはてな Could use this somehow (tags: perl api tumblr)

links for 2008-02-23

Print Free Graph Paper too neat for words, can only be expressed in a graph 😉 (tags: math paper print graph design statistics logarithmic smith-chart science pdf)

links for 2008-02-22

5 Indispensable Tips for Emacs on Windows at ArunRocks my emacs is pretty messed up atm, will try this next reinstall (tags: emacs windows installation tips)

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Commuter Feed: Latest Incidents for Stockholm, twitter @commuter ARN incident (tags: twitter commuter travel reporting traffic)

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Bitlbee – LinuxReviews I wanna live my online life via IRC (tags: irc jabber bitlbee howto unix-tools im gateway)

links for 2008-02-19 – köp & sälj fotoutrustning! photo gear buy and sell forum (tags: sv-se photography classifieds) Welcome! — TextPress Development Blog wordpress clone in Python, for the 2 people I know who might be interested in this sort of thing (tags: wordpress blogging engine python) Looks like Cygwin++ (tags: linux windows colinux andlinux virtualization) […]

links for 2008-02-18

Split Image Focus Screen Nikon D40 Digital Camera: 005106-023 split screen viewfinder for D40 (tags: d40 viewfinder split-screen wishlist aftermarket)

links for 2008-02-14

Catch of the day: Cocaine – 09 Feb 2008 – Oceans news – NZ Herald Amazing, like something out of a Lucius Shepard novel (tags: nicaragua cocaine economics war-on-drugs travel reportage)