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links for 2008-05-26

VirtualBox – Community Ubuntu Documentation virtual machine software for linux (tags: ubuntu debian virtualbox virtualization howto)

links for 2008-05-24

World Press Photo Interviews Looks very interesting, to view later (tags: photography journalism video interview flash)

links for 2008-05-23

LILEKS (James) the Bleat Lileks goes to Disneyland (tags: James.Lileks humour travel disney read-later)

links for 2008-05-22 Politics (Barack Obama) List of falshoods concerning Obama. It’s gonna be a savage campaign… (tags: politics usa hoax Barack.Obama snopes) Daring Fireball: Title Case Perl script from Gruber for correct titling (tags: perl tools text writing)

links for 2008-05-21

Calculated Risk: The Compleat UberNerd “long post[ings] discussing everything you never wanted to know about random mortgage-related topics…” (tags: economics finance mortgages subprime ubernerd calculated.risk blog collection links)

links for 2008-05-18

TOD HOLTON SUPER GREEN BERET (1967) kooky 60s anti-commie comic (tags: comics read-later vietnam right-wing kooks)

links for 2008-05-17

X-bit labs – Dual-Display Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX Review (page 7) crazy little mini-me Samsung USB monitor. I want it! (tags: hardware computer monitor samsung mini-me)

links for 2008-05-15

Mästerliga porträtt av kända svenskar a photo exhibit I want to see. (tags: photography exhibition portraits Hans.Gedda to-see)

links for 2008-05-14

USN-612-2: OpenSSH vulnerability | Ubuntu big bug bites debian, ubuntu. Apparently the bug was introduced to silence compiler warnings(!) Don’t be anal, people! (tags: ssh security flaw vulnerability howto ubuntu debian linux) The World of Fashion: Pixel Perfect: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker about a retoucher (tags: photography photoshop retouching new-yorker tl;dr)

links for 2008-05-13

The Blood Brain Barrier This is bad tech writing at its absolute nadir. The analogy with the blood-brain barrier and drugs invite the obvious inquiry: what’s Gillmor smoking, and can I have some of it? (tags: twitter awful argh techcrunch Steve.Gillmor blather) Sam Abell – The Photographic Life – The Digital Journalist A life in […]