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links for 2008-10-22

Stupidest Man Alive (Washington Post Death Spiral Watch) Donald Ruskin reminds me of Marie Antoinette in this long quote (tags: finance economy denial police wapo stupidity) Advertisements

links for 2008-10-18

Their Great Depression and Ours: Part I Very interesting overview of the causes of the Great Depression. Many similarities to the current situation, especially with regard to consumer spending and debt, and surplus capital. (tags: history economics finance great-depression depression)

links for 2008-10-14

Make-Believe Maverick : Rolling Stone A must-read (tags: politics John.McCain usa election2008)

links for 2008-10-13

Uptime Party – Really Easy Server Monitoring sounds useful. via @ethauvin (tags: monitor server tool network online huge-green-web20-fonts)

links for 2008-10-08

Fotogenetic – D100 and D70 Custom Tone Curves DSLR nerdery, part of my investigation of the D200 "underexposure problem" (tags: photography nerd tone-curve nikon custom)

links for 2008-10-07 :: Lightweight fnord serves HTTP admirably will look at this for the new host (tags: httpd fnord server unix) TED spread .TEDSP:IND (tags: finance ted spread index news ted_spread data bloomberg)

links for 2008-10-05 – Nikon Accessories and Parts (tags: nikon parts aftermarket shop)