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links for 2008-12-16

Snipers – Cowardly assassins, or surgical soldiers? • The Register El Reg branching out. Via Schneier (tags: spipers military article read-later)

links for 2008-12-15

Driven out by mud in Indonesia – International Herald Tribune Amazing and depressing story (tags: mud ecology disaster mud-volcano catastrophe indonesia)

links for 2008-12-14

Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times around the World – Gaisma Cool resource (tags: sunrise sunset earth geo sun reference time astronomy data photography)

links for 2008-12-10

Norman Thomas di Giovanni | The Borges Papers | Previously unpublished Borges translations and conversations | the garden of branching paths | tlon, uqbar, orbis tertius Borges story (tags: fiction Borges tlön literature short-story)

links for 2008-12-08

Wall Street: Profiles in Panic Good article about the end of the latest Gilded Age. (tags: finance wall.street ny society gilded.age meltdown money) Salvatore Iovene » The ultimate guide for UTF-8 in irssi and GNU/Screen Looks like a thorough explanation of how to sort through the mess that is irssi, screen, and UTF-8 (tags: irc […]

links for 2008-12-05

Eat It Raw: The Joe Queenan Directory something I've been looking for a long time (tags: author humour Joe.Queenan compendium)

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Bosphorous Yet another great post from Maciej Ceglowski (tags: Maciej.Ceglowski travel train Romania Bulgaria Turkey humour)

links for 2008-12-03

The Online Photographer: Stories from the Darkness A nice reminder that we're blessed with a lot of nice photo tools nowadays (tags: photography high-iso)

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TWIP » Pre-visualization and Patience Can Pay Off – TWIP why I'm not a nature shooter (tags: photography birds nature patience) Finland Sees Familiar Pattern in Photos From Georgia War – Bizarre. Via Techdirt (tags: Russia Finland camouflage copyright) Gnome-o-gram: Mortgage Bailout, Roman Style (Fourmilog: None Dare Call It Reason) Interesting take on the […]