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links for 2009-02-27

Lawsuits: FriendFinder's Latest Scandal Sexier Than a Penthouse Letter Juicy gossip about what sounds like a pretty despicable company. (tags: friendfinder penthouse harrasment discrimination lawsuits labor usa adult)

links for 2009-02-26

Newspapers Have Been Dying Since the '50s | Workbench Good perspective from Rogers Cadenhead. (tags: news newspapers journalism usa economics future business) tircd – Google Code IRC proxy for Twitter. Sounds just like I want Twitter IRC to be – its own channel, /kick for unfollow, messages are sent as usual. Better than twirssi's approach […]

links for 2009-02-25

The Online Photographer: A Bit More About Ritz A nice post about the previous economies of camera stores. In short – development and prints paid for cameras. (tags: photography business profit print minilab noritsu)

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LP-foto AB March auction catalog (tags: photography lpfoto auction catalog wishlist nikon leica)

links for 2009-02-21

Mistral (typeface) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I don't really like this typeface (it was way overused in the 80s) but it's nice to see it has its own Wikipedia page. (tags: typography mistral typeface) In which I can’t get enough of staring at my own website // nice implementation of drop caps, plus […]

links for 2009-02-19

Kidnapping Chrysler « The Baseline Scenario Interesting comment about the fact that Chrysler (wholly owned by private equity firm Cerberus) is asking for government bailout money. If Cerberus believes in Chrysler, why aren't they investing their own money? (tags: chrysler finance auto usa bailout cerberus)

links for 2009-02-18

Guidebook | DLRP Magic! – Disneyland Resort Paris at the click of a mouse! (EuroDisney) Guide to Disneyland Paris (tags: disneyland paris guide)

links for 2009-02-17

slacktivist: 'Dismaying' A nice comment on a recent Gallup poll on whether citizens of the USA "believe" in evolution. (tags: politics science religion evolution usa society)

links for 2009-02-16 + Spotify + Find new albums Pretty awesome! (tags: spotify recommend mashup music) Nokia E75 Nice slide-out qwerty phone from Nokia. Will definitely check this out when it arrives (tags: nokia e75 slider qwerty phone wishlist)

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Who Killed the Neocons? – The Daily Beast To read later (tags: tl;dr conservatism usa politics neocon) 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know Someday, in my copious free time, I will make sure only my trusted circle of lieutenants will have access to the intimate portions of my private life. Mwhahahaha!! (Via Schneier) […]