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links for 2009-03-06

Speaking in Tongues – The New York Review of Books Lecture by Zadie Smith. I absolutely loved this. (tags: lecture Barack.Obama language speech culture race identity class Zadie.Smith) Advertisements

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A Tale Of Two Studies On File Sharing… | Techdirt Comparison of two studies. (tags: filesharing p2p copyright mpaa riaa government your-failed-business-model-is-not-my-problem) pdsh parallel shell (tags: pdsh unix shell work) Wall Street on the Tundra | Looks like a good article. Via Scalzi (tags: tl;dr iceland finance economics) Endgame:Singularity; an original simulation of a […]

links for 2009-03-04

Media Matters – Does ABC News understand how income tax works? i know marginal tax isn't obvious, but you'd think that if your salary was around $250,000 you would have done your homework and weren't desperately trying to make sure your annual income was 1 dollar less. (tags: usa tax economics stupidity greed news finance)

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Lisa Bjurwalds problem med fakta at Magnus tankar Bloggosfärens nålstick mot Dagens Nyheter fortsätter! (tags: dn blogging faktakoll sv-se) Radioactive Toxic Waste: Works Just Like CDOs — For Real | Housing Doom Radioactive scrap steel from nuclear reactors is contaminating the world's steel supply. Scary. (tags: steel radioactivity nukes) Bush Lawyers Approved Constitution-Free Domestic Military […]

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Installing and configuring lighttpd webserver – HOWTO installing lighttpd + links to other useful topics (tags: lighttpd lighty configuration howto web unix webserver httpd install)

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Host – The Atlantic (April 2005) Long and fascinating article about the host John Ziegler and the business of American talk radio. (tags: usa politics conservatism media radio talk John.Ziegler atlantic tl;dr) "Jag fick rätt" | Debatt | Aftonbladet Vet inte vad som är dikt eller sanning i "Gömda"-affären längre, men att svensk media är […]

links for 2009-02-28

Meltdowns: CEO's $500,000 Salary Burns Startup Into Fire Sale Future doesn't look bright for JPG Magazine after CEO burns all the assets on his own salary. (tags: jpg-magazine business startup burnrate meltdown adorama deadpool)