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links for 2009-04-29

BOMB Magazine: Tod Papageorge by Richard B. Woodward Interview (tags: photography art interview tl;dr)

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The Twitter Approval Matrix — New York Magazine I'm toying with the idea of forcing my old chums to use twitter. This might help (tags: twitter celebrity matrix)

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Galleri Kontrast – DA CAPO – Sverige i tiden 1997-2007 Photo exhibition (tags: photography stockholm gallery journalism exhibition to-see)

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SF Kapow!: The True Story of Rudy the Undead Hound wonderful (tags: humour comics satire)

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World Wide Words: Calenture Also a nice instrumental track by The Triffids (tags: calenture word etymology)

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Schneier on Security: Fake Facts on Twitter Interesting (tags: twitter security falsehoods hack) The Bride Was Beautiful Photo essay (tags: photography marriage cancer love wedding bride gallery essay)

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Fuck the foundries [dive into mark] More intellectual-property silliness, this time for font foundries. (tags: fonts design web open-source typography licensing foundries) The Financial War Against Iceland By Prof Michael Hudson A long and maybe crackpot view of Iceland's and indeed the industrial world's predicament at the hands of the international financial industry. (tags: iceland […]

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Cassini's continued mission – The Big Picture – AWESOME (tags: saturn cassini photography science astronomy space nasa awesome)

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( » Uncomfortable Plot Summaries GENIUS (tags: humour movies list satire summary plot) BARCELONA VS. PROVIDENCE IAAAAAAAAA Jack Womack in fine form! (tags: barcelona picture hp.Lovecraft sqaumous rugose Jack.Womack)

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THE FUCKING WEATHER Straight weather, no bullshit (tags: fucking weather service) Best Twitter app for tweeting at work – Spreadtweet | – The GadgetGuy Haha nice. Of course, I'm using my IRC client to tweet, which blends in nicely in the maze of ssh connections, all alike, on my desktop. (tags: twitter excel camouflage […]