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links for 2009-05-30

Confessions of a Non–Serial Killer – Michael O’Hare The author is fingered as the Zodiac killer by a kook (tags: crime serial stalking murder paranoia zodiac)

links for 2009-05-29

The Online Photographer: The Leica as Teacher Nice idea, use one camera, one lens, one film, one developer for a year, and you will become a better photographer. (tags: photography writing film leica)

links for 2009-05-28

385 – Pogue States: A Celtocentric World Map « Strange Maps A pretty awesome t-shirt showing a map of the world dotted with Pogues lyrics (tags: pogues music consert t-shirt map strange-maps graphics) HOWTO – Use CVS CVS cheatsheet (tags: cvs howto version-control programming reference tutorial)

links for 2009-05-27

Lars Gustafsson's Blog: Att prygla älvens stigande vatten.Om Nätets frihet och integritet. Fantastiskt inlägg i upphovsrättsdebatten. Update, English translation here: (tags: Lars.Gustafsson sv-se copyright)

links for 2009-05-26

Sony Pictures CEO: The Internet Is Still Bad | Techdirt Great fisking by Masnick (tags: sony internet content-mafia stupidity culture piracy)

links for 2009-05-25

PuTTY Tray enhanced version of PuTTy (tags: putty windows putty.tray ssh terminal)

links for 2009-05-24

Pakistan on the Brink – The New York Review of Books Scary article about the current crisis in Pakistan (tags: pakistan taliban al-qaeda islamists)

links for 2009-05-23

Golden ratio base – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Seriously mathy WTF (tags: math phi golden-ratio base wikipedia) Selective Twitter Status | Facebook Only echo some stuff to Facebook from Twitter. Awesome! (tags: twitter facebook application selective status update) Economist's View: The Decline of Merit Pay in Journalism Long but interesting article and commentary about the […]

links for 2009-05-17

Robert Synnott: Wolfram Alpha Instant Review Great review. I agree about the fonts (tags: wolfram.alpha review search)

links for 2009-05-16

The Short-Timers Book behind "Full Metal Jacket", free download (tags: books writing ebook film vietnam etext fullmetaljacket) Half an ounce of electrons Electrons beat antimatter! (tags: Dan.Rutter electrons antimatter science battery technology) CERN – Spotlight: Angels and Demons debunking Dan Brown via FAQ (tags: books research faq cern Dan.Brown antimatter physics)