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links for 2009-05-14

no loss for words: Dan Brown is a fraud: A list of errors in <i>Angels and Demons</i> I will never read Angels and Demons, I just found this list so funny. (tags: Dan.Brown books reference history errors)

links for 2009-05-12

My Chimerical Romanticism: Part One at The Enthusiast Fun read (tags: literature music romanticism emo interview via:BoingBoing)

links for 2009-05-07

Stress Tests and The Nationalization We Got « The Baseline Scenario A good look at the "effective" nationalisation of US banks. "The incentives we have ended up with are more similar to those of a nationalized system than those of a free market. Instead of state-owned coal mines run for the benefit of miners (the […]

links for 2009-05-05

Emacs identica-mode with multiple timelines and direct messages Might be worth looking at (tags: identica emacs mode geek)

links for 2009-05-04

100 days of Barack Obama's Facebook news feed. – By Christopher Beam and Chris Wilson – Slate Magazine Funny (tags: humour politics satire facebook parody Barack.Obama) NPR: Hear: Pirates Have Timesheets Awesome episode about the Somali pirate business (tags: somalia piracy podcast business economics

links for 2009-05-02

Through a glass, darkly: How the Christian right is reimagining U.S. history, By Jeff Sharlet (Harper's Magazine) Long, fascinating and scary article. (tags: politics fundamentalism christianity religion usa history dominionism) Decline of the Roman Empire – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Historiographical article (tags: history wikipedia rome roman-empire)