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Holocaust: The Ignored Reality – The New York Review of Books About the mass extermination in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia in Poland and Belarus. (tags: holocaust nazism soviet memory history jews ww2 nyrb europe belarus poland)

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Jeb Bush on Obama – New Jeb Bush Interview – Esquire TL;DR but looks like a good interview (tags: usa politics interview republican Jeb.Bush esquire)

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Ruins of the Second Gilded Age | MetaFilter MeFi exposes photoshoppery in NYT Mag feature, pics are taken down. Potentially huge impact for the pphotographer (tags: photography fake manipulation photoshop mefi metafilter looks-shopped-to-me Edgar.Martins)

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Palin Threats To News Organizations Seems Misguided | Techdirt Perceptive post by Michael Masnick (tags: usa politics Sarah.Palin law defamation libel lawsuits press blogging)

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Antidepressiva som Alvedon « Isabelle Ståhl – istället för sömn Intressant om SSRI-preparat och läkemedelsindustrin (tags: psykofarmaka ssri läkemedel sv-se)

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War Nerd: Iran’s Cedar Show, A.K.A. Don’t Get Excited, the Protestors Are Just Letting Off Some Steam – By Gary Brecher – The eXiled I think Brecher is right on the money here. (tags: iran elections politics government)