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links for 2009-08-21

Epson V500 Photo Scanner | PhotographyBLOG recommended for neg scanning (tags: epson perfection v500 scanner negatives slides medium-format wishlist)

links for 2009-08-17

Five Key Reasons Why Newspapers Are Failing | Politics & Media | SPLICETODAY.COM Great analysis of the problems facing newspapers in the US and (I think) in Sweden. (tags: newspapers business journalism media analysis news advertising content)

links for 2009-08-10

REVISED: How to fix the Vista KSOD (blacK Screen Of Death) | LogBlog Might have to do this on sis-in-law's machine (tags: computer windows ksod black troubleshooting)

links for 2009-08-08

Michael – The New York Review of Books Great article about MJ and black gays (tags: Michael.Jackson queer culture media celebrity pop gay)

links for 2009-08-07

Dery and Lecter do Italy – Boing Boing Best thing I've read on BB for ages (tags: italy essay culture usa exile)

links for 2009-08-04 – Official Site for Lens Hoods need a hood for my Shitma zoom (tags: photography gear lens-hoods wishlist) THEORY OF GAMES AND ECONOMIC MISBEHAVIOR – Edge 295 Early English finance (tags: finance economics tally-sticks Exchequer money history tl;dr)

links for 2009-08-01

The Paranoid Style in American Politics to read later (tags: tl;dr paranoia politics usa conservatism conspiracy) Iran-Iraq Alliance? – Page 1 – The Daily Beast Fascinating backgrounder on the MEK, an Iranian organisation who supported Saddam in the Iran-Iraq war and who some in the US now view as a "tame terrorist" org in the […]