Twitter links for 2009-11-30

  • @gunderhaegg I also think a large proportion are just protest voting… but I haven’t been to .CH for a long time
  • @gunderhaegg how many people actually voted? I’m counting on this election mobilising the fringe
  • so ~30% of the Swiss are raging xenophobes, how come anyone’s surprised?
  • @staffanm testa Sandbox som tema… minimalt men mycket stajlbart
  • got back 5 rolls from processing, maybe 5 keepers, 2 catpix among them #IHateFilm #photog #fail
  • @UnlikelyWorlds someone asked Patrick O’Brian about word processing: “I use pen and paper, like a Christian” he replied
  • Man today started high and is ending low – hate winter
  • Thought I recognised an old friend from uni on the subway but I was wrong #awkward
  • rocking out to the 80s synths of Simple Mind’s “Glittering Prize”
  • @mjomark +1, dags att Robban pensionerar sig enligt mig
  • wow this install of Syncfusion is seriously harshing my mellow
  • @stephenfry seems like a day weighted in the Tory direction…
  • @koehntopp wow, sounds serious! You’re OK, I hope?
  • while we’re on the subject, this crappy plastic HP keyboard sucks rotten donkey ball #crap #whine #monday
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