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Rose bubbly at the terrace! 18:40 This cover singer isn’t half bad #nye 20:16 #10yearsago we were at the big Bingolotto Millenium special, no lie #fb 20:18 Waiting for 12 o’clock with a very sleepy 7yr old 21:49 Happy New Year! #fb 22:02

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Back after a snorkling trip 14:57

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Upper level of Grand Makadi reception area is perfect for pr0n surfing 18:49

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Wife has been diagnosed with gastroenteritis, but has recieved superefficient Egyptian medecines! 13:42 Finished Lev Grossman’s The Magicians, an amazing reinvention of the fantasy genre. Harry Potter meets The Secret History 13:50 We want this corner table for NYE, but we have to commit for 4 bottles of bubbly. 17:39

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Fourth day in Makadi Bay, spent swimming in the pool and sea. Merry #Xmas! #egypt0910 #fb 12:29

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In the taxi on our way to Arlanda 03:22 Enplaned in a pretty cramped A321 05:58 Sippin’ g&t’s on the terrazo at Grand Makadi #egypt0910 15:57 Tired after being up since 3am, but the hotel looks really nice! 18:47

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depressing reading the (thankfully very few) negative review of the place we’re visiting 19:38

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Stross' Hypothesis – Tao of Mac Rui Carmo injects a welcome perspective into the "netheads" faction regarding the future of mobile. In response to Charlie Stross' post here (tags: mobile industry network bandwidth future opinion mobitopia)

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Julhandel i Sickla Köpkvarter. Mindre folk än befarat. Snön har slutat vräka ner. #fb 12:17 Maybe I should have eaten before #xmas #shopping, feeling faint 12:50 I just want to get out of here 😦 13:48 so tired my hands are literally shaking 😛 16:29 man this wok we have is the pits 17:06 contemplating […]

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Camera Lens Quality: MTF, Resolution & Contrast I think I know this stuff but I should probably read up on it just to be sure (tags: photography mtf tech resolution line-pair geek)