Twitter links for 2009-12-01

  • @marcwillow om man kan se ngt genom dimman …
  • @malki a drunken one at that! “the animals can become aggressive after eating fermented fallen apples in gardens”
  • @stefangorling najs!
  • a small test, pls ignore #vanity
  • speaking of gothgirls there’s a chick on the tram w/ lashes 2cm and apparently made of solid kohl
  • @krisreng så det är inte porren som ger dom ståfräs? Lite förvirrad bara
  • even chubby gothgrls in fake fur and goggle glasses use the iPhone! It’s really a hit now
  • Äntligen skaffat SL Access #livinginthefuture #fb
  • Can’t help but thinking the dude in Assassin’s Creed II is dressed a bit too flamboyantly for a stealthy killer. More like RenFaire clubbing
  • one of the fun things about learning new programming languages is handling dates and times. c# is complex but complete #hacking
  • @HampusAndersson det var det!
  • eftermiddagsfika: knäckebröd med gravlax #lyx
  • Internal launch of Teleopti Pro Call Reporting freemium
  • hating on C# XML processing, but The Pogue’s “Waltzing Matilda” puts it in perspective… C# > Gallipoli, if not by much
  • musically, I’m living on the thin end of the long tail
  • @xela854 i’ll have a gander later, but lately songs and their names have been separated as I almost never listen to pop radio
  • @xela854 the fact I’ve never heard the song shows I’m not of this decade
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