Twitter links for 2009-12-02

  • wtf my phone saying “max number of connections reached” when I’m trying to open the web browser??
  • of course most of that precision is on loan from German… #oldschool
  • reading this typography book in Swedish makes me appreciate the technical precision in the language
  • Alumnipub på #Agero, alltid like trevligt! #fb
  • Sweet Åhlens has Pilot G2 XS pens
  • Peintre de la Marine –
  • Leo presented me with a long list of approved works for reading in English, I picked out “A Modest Proposal” (6 pages) as ideal
  • asked IT for another GB of memory, turned out I already had max installed #luser
  • I wonder why my computer is so goddamn slow. Page swapping? #grr
  • “As a punishment by Napoléon Bonaparte, Navy officers have not been addressed as ‘mon’ since the Battle of Trafalgar.”–
  • man this little twitter-to-wordpress hack I’ve coded is just a snarl of regexps separated by colons and whitespace #perl
  • assigned 3 new issues to me #work
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