Twitter links for 2009-12-11

  • delayed reaction, seeing Vattenfall’s huge logo on some hulking powerplant in Eastern Berlin was surreal 15:52
  • 20 minutes left on call 16:36
  • Finally on my home, leaving my coworker to grapple with the balky client: good luck Frank! 17:37
  • the awkward KTH students out for a night on the town take me back down memory lane 17:48
  • jUploadr is a decent Flickr uploader app for Lulnix 18:58
  • teaching my kid about IRC… come to the Dark Side, the water’s fine! #darthnerd 21:28
  • the young man who not 20 minutes said “I’m never going to bed” is fast asleep beside me… 21:53
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