Twitter links for 2009-12-18

  • sets up the holiday auto-reply #xmas 15:31
  • brilliant #Achewood 15:46
  • pondering a final coffee before leaving for xmas 16:34
  • punching out of work for #xmas #newyears! 16:57
  • Röda linjen försenad, kvar i Mörby Centrum #fb 17:19
  • Sony-Ericsson phones still popular in the #xmas ads here, can’t help being reminded of #Saab #otemporaomores 17:22
  • Matthew Sweet’s “Thunderstorm” is 9 freaking minutes long 17:25
  • Is there a more baroque pop song than “The Other End of the Telescope”? #elviscostello #aimeemann 17:45
  • oh by the way? Viking’s second name? Costello, not Presley 17:48
  • hmm the Lindex lingerie ads are shot with front-flash, rather cold look 17:57
  • my walk through a sunny and freezing Danderyd today resulted in exactly zero keepers. That’s how it goes! #photog 19:29
  • says it’s -14 centigrade in #stockholm! 19:58
  • the Swedish establishment’s and media’s faith in the UN is a bit naive at times #cop15 20:00
  • Leo came home from seeing Avatar, he wasn’t very impressed 20:08
  • a week ago I was worried about my 1000+ unread count, now I’m down to 106 and will plough through them before bedtime 21:46
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