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Twitter links for 2010-01-31

Sunday lunchtime McDonalds hell in #Sickla 12:26 Midwinter getting me down, gonna re-read Patrick O’Brian again to cheer myself up 16:02 live and die by ISO 8601 16:54 everyone’s gabbing about the lack of Flash on the #iPad, what about the lack of *multitasking*? 18:43 think you don’t need multitasking? How else are you going […]

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Beauchamp Jewelers – Albuquerque, NM 87110 » Blog Archive » Jewels in Watches Nice introduction to jewels in watches (tags: watches chronometers jewels technology) USES AND APPLICATIONS OF 35mm LENSES I read this many years ago, still applies now. (tags: photography gear humour lenses)

Twitter links for 2010-01-30

“Google Wave was built to show younger people how older people feel when they try to use the Internet” 10:12 RT @stevelitchfield Nokia versus Apple and those surprising stats: 11:39 what’s cooking? Sjömansbiff, that’s what! (zomg horrid photo) #fb 15:04 whatever you think of the iPad history has taught us that you bet […]

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aurora80thanniversary (myu701) Pens, mechanical watches, old cameras… the ways of making money off men with too much of it are endless (tags: fountain pen collecting review aurora)

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RT @phototweet Serious rumours around about a ‘Blad competitor for the Leica S2… – #photog 12:59 the only people calling our landline are telemarketers or “poll takers” 13:31 MORE snow? You gotta be kidding me 14:18 my poor kid can’t keep anything down 😦 #sick 14:41 stupid cat, stop rubbing your arse against my face […]

Twitter links for 2010-01-28

adding cheese to my buttered toast and some tea w/ honey #sick 11:18 while the reaction after the iPhone was all ZOMG JESUSPHONE the reactions to the iPad are all snark 17:05 How unique and trackable is your web browser? 17:12 RT @rcade J.D. Salinger has died. 18:50 still feeling like crap, […]

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trying to eat a piece of toast… hope it stays down… #sick 11:48 underwhelmed by the iPad 21:12

Twitter links for 2010-01-26

I’m starting to think that this Microsoft Dynamics CRM we’re using is the root of all evil 08:17 uh why is FreeBSD ports compiling a mozilla plugin on my server 08:33 RT @jedrek someone asked me when the ffff*lckr iphone app was coming, i told him it’s already here. it’s called “safari” 08:48 Hmm […]

Twitter links for 2010-01-25

Landed at Arlanda 05:11 Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones saved my sanity on the flight back 07:09 gotta hate having to restart your entire computer just because your browser is patched #IE8 08:43 yes, just 45m of sleep and no shower *has* left me cranky, why do you ask #diaf 09:18 RT @mjomark Peter Englunds nya blogg […]

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Off the Deep End: A Look at the Decline of Dubai | Slideshows Interesting slideshow about Dubai after the boom (tags: dubai crash market expat slideshow)