Twitter links for 2010-01-14

  • I have no idea why it takes almost 10 minutes for my winXP box to come up to speed after I login, but I’m not very happy about it 15:44
  • “Svenska hjälparbetare möts av kaos i Haiti” – känns rätt självklart, varför skulle dom annars dit? #dummarubriker #fb 15:55
  • reading “Stuff White People Like” is akin to watching The Office. Cringe comedy. Also, I’m betting white people love The Office 16:49
  • tagging stuff with “bokeh” in Flickr will get you laid. Known fact #photog 16:53
  • Had excellent commute flow until I made the mistake of not hustling to catch the tram, now waiting for the next one 17:46
  • actually my mistake was standing in the aisle in the subway instead of near the exit, small things that can cost valuable seconds 17:47
  • cd /usr/src; make installworld && make installkernel 20:53
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