Twitter links for 2010-01-15

  • .@gunderhaegg thanks for the Wired article on Robert Gates! Check out the “War is Boring” blog for another view 07:51
  • hmm looks like i can’t connect to Twitter via API from my server, the API limit is reached 08:55
  • author of “Stuff White People Like” himself whiter than sour cream: 13:12
  • Windows, IE, and Acrobat Reader form a dripping triptych of #fail, like a 3rd Francis Bacon painting 13:57
  • that should be “3rd *rate*” Bacon painting, and yes, I *have* been reading NY Review, why do you ask? 14:00
  • FMR, installing subversion from ports pulls in half the tree… 16:31
  • tircd still doesn’t look like it’s working, I’m getting a 400 error from twitter but can’t see how I’m exceeding the rate limit 17:02
  • red wine + cheeze doodles == win 19:07
  • the amount of internet butthurtz over the new Nikkor 70-200/2.8 is pretty amazing. Be smart, buy used 19:26
  • playing around with, awesome webapp from @jedrek 20:39
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