Twitter links for 2010-01-18

  • nice, coworker will be fixing tickets for a visit to the Burj Khalifa. 100 AED sounds a bit pricey, hope it’s worth it 09:55
  • 4 months spent immortalising a truly n00b view in Tetris 13:18
  • this “explanation” of the made-up holiday of “Agnostica” is eye-wateringly bad 13:23
  • feeling sorry for yourself? Why don’t you listen to “Johnny 99” and consider yourself thankful 14:10
  • learned about the interpunct today 15:45
  • Killen mittemot ser ut som alla KTH-studenter sen cirka 1985 #fb 17:12
  • Wow really smooth change to green line at #slussen 17:21
  • snow?! The fuck?! 17:36
  • *sigh* having to weed out my Facebook page… and I’m not talking Farmville, just social gardening 20:01
  • it’s not made easier by FB being flakey right now 20:02
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