Twitter links for 2010-01-31

  • Sunday lunchtime McDonalds hell in #Sickla 12:26
  • Midwinter getting me down, gonna re-read Patrick O’Brian again to cheer myself up 16:02
  • live and die by ISO 8601 16:54
  • everyone’s gabbing about the lack of Flash on the #iPad, what about the lack of *multitasking*? 18:43
  • think you don’t need multitasking? How else are you going to chat + surf at the same time? #ipad 18:57
  • I should be more specific: if *I* would want an iPad, *I* would want multitasking. I realise I’m not Joe 6pack 19:33
  • varför är det bara kvinnor som lagar mat och tvättar i TV-reklamen? #könsroller #fb 20:52
  • watching “The Kingdom” on TV3 21:41
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