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Twitter links for 2010-02-27

På väg hem med oxalsyra och ostbågar, laddat för fest! #fb 12:15 #mello börjar, har inte stora förhoppningar #fb 19:09 det här var vämjeligt #mello #fb 19:49

links for 2010-02-26

Print: In Disobedient Rooms: On J.G. Ballard Essay/review by China Miéville (tags: sf short-story collection J.G.Ballard review essay) Why There Is No Jewish Narnia > Publications > Jewish Review of Books A fascinating overview of the state of Jewish (more accurately, Israeli) fantasy. From Neil Gaiman's twitterstream (tags: jewish fantasy literature religion culture judaism books) […]

Twitter links for 2010-02-26

time for a new kitty litter box, this one seems to leak 😛 11:35 yo dawg I heard you like tunneling so we’re running a VPN inside your VPN 13:07

links for 2010-02-25

Lost Exile | Culture | Vanity Fair about the Russian paper The Exile (tags: the.exile russia putin journalism writing) Shark-filled aquarium in Dubai mall springs leak – Yahoo! News I saw that aquarium on my visit (tags: dubai aquarium leak fear deluge) MPB Photographic – Buy Used Canon & Used Nikon Digital SLR Cameras, Lenses […]

Twitter links for 2010-02-25

I’d like to practice my French, anyone know any good photo-related sites in French? Merci! #photog 07:11 wow press release announcing the cooperation between $work and another company is written in really bad English 07:55 yes @susieriss, you’re the only one: #olympics #lol 12:02 RT @jwomack Dubai: Wonder World of the Future: 15:32 […]

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CIBC misheard Steve Jobs' Comments about HTML5 Insightful post on how to proceed with apps in the mobile space (tags: apple iphone mobile bank app canada html5 devel jesusphone mobitopia) Simplicity is hard. Let’s go shopping! [dive into mark] Funny piece (tags: writing lifestyle philosophy stuff humour)

Twitter links for 2010-02-24

closing case with wild abandon! 08:56 I feel like getting sued by the #IOC! #Vancouver #Winter #Olympics #2010 !!! 12:34 Let the healing begin: IRS victim widow sues nutbag pilot’s widow: 14:16 only -4C! balmy walk to the subway ahead! 15:48 Buss 71 FTW! #sl #fb 16:34 RT @UnlikelyWorlds Blood Falls: 19:21 I […]

Twitter links for 2010-02-23

wtf new Ovi suite can’t read settings from old PC Suite? I have to setup phones again? Crap #Nokia 11:42 suddenly realise I don’t give a flying crap about #Buzz, but nice to have some new followers for my shared Reader items 14:29 not a hella lot of space on this here client server 14:47 […]

Twitter links for 2010-02-22

och så kom jag inte med tåget grrr #fb 07:42 Sittplats från Centralen, alltid något. Totalt 40m väntan på ett tåg, kommer vara en halvtimme försenad trots tidig start 07:58 RT @jimh if we’re spending public money on homeopathy, can’t we spend less so it’s more effective? 11:36 marketing in our support response emails: […]

Twitter links for 2010-02-21

RT @UnlikelyWorlds ‘On the chewing dead’ – an early manual about dealing with the undead: 13:03 reminding myself that even if people are wrong on the internet, it’s not usually worth your effort to correct them 16:15 RT UnlikelyWorlds Caroll Taveras Photo Studio, Brooklyn, NY, 2009: – #photog 17:08 hjälper Leo med andragradsekvationer, […]