Twitter links for 2010-02-01

  • wtf can’t I login to the customer VPN #work #fail 09:20
  • adding old Swedish quasi-monopolies to my feed, @p1panatet (SR P1) and @SL_AB (stockholm local transport) 10:29
  • protip: don’t update your perl version from ports unless you’re prepared to reinstall every package too #freebsd 11:10
  • I went to Dubai, and all I got was this snarky blog post 13:36
  • The most entertaining part of a new lens release is watching the tooth gnashing in forums #cynicism 16:19
  • feeling pretty pumped about shooting something. Dunno what, though. Maybe icicles with the 135/2.8E tomorrow #photog 19:17
  • reading about syphilis on Wikipedia. Thank god for antibiotics 20:35
  • did you know that 10th US President John Tyler has 2 living grandchildren? 21:14
  • ‘Not Always Right’ is still my fav luser-generated content site 21:53
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