Twitter links for 2010-02-12

  • Watching “Generation Kill” made “The Hurt Locker” way less believable 07:37
  • MSSQL 2008 is taking forever to install 08:59
  • Buzz is less than a week old and there are already “advanced users” – Internet time, baby! 09:43
  • “This album is not available in Sweden” – thanks for geotarding, @Spotify (and i know it’s not your fault really) 13:39
  • Nice to see “Lost Soul” included in Bruce Hornsby’s “Greatest Radio Hits”. Love Shawn Colvin’s singing in it 15:19
  • Och tåget rullar ut från Mörby. Helg 16:11
  • pasta and salmon for dinner, will skip the ratatouille cos it’s hard to make, and hard to spell #cooking 17:21
  • quick google shows most libertarians don’t think the National Guard is a “well-regulated militia” 18:18
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