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Tweets for 2010-03-31

RT @jwomack Palin as the Second Coming of Nixon: first time tragedy, second time farce. 13:48

Tweets for 2010-03-30

Ha dude next to me on the tram is watching The Wire on his iPhone 05:27 punching in 06:18 wow lots of new followers, I’ll get back to refollowing you dudes in a short while! 06:45 we have a GIANT Easter egg filled with candy in the workplace, i can feel my teeth rotting just […]

links for 2010-03-29

Is Homicide: Life On The Street better than The Wire? "Homicide" rocks. (tags: tv criticism the.wire homicide cop show)

Tweets for 2010-03-29

cold booting on Monday, don’t stress the computer, it will just panic 06:51 set our wall-of-clocks to the correct tiem 07:06

Tweets for 2010-03-28

the #OEIS to the rescue for problem 77 in #projecteuler! 18:31

Tweets for 2010-03-27

dags för ny tvättmaskin! #fb 12:08 oh forgot to mention, solved problem 107 in #projecteuler earlier today 20:08 SWEET problem 187 bites the dust! #projecteuler 21:06 haha massive spoiler for problem 187: Sloane’s A036352 #projecteuler 21:08

Tweets for 2010-03-26

I wonder if there is a nerd forum anywhere in the world without the nicks “wintermute” and “neuromancer” 07:10 Bjästa, tillhåll för “verklighetens folk”? #fb 07:27 a surprising amount of crap going on in my computer can be traced to Adobe Acrobat 08:11 FINALLY cracked problem 83 in #projecteuler. That has to have been the […]

links for 2010-03-25

Reverse-delete algorithm – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia reduce a network (tags: projecteuler p107 research) FIVE BOYS: THE STORY OF A PICTURE | More Intelligent Life Essay on a photograph (tags: essay class uk photography society tl;dr)

Tweets for 2010-03-25

Doing actual algebra for once 07:10 I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who starts MS Word by opening the “Run” dialog and typing “winword” 08:03 done with #projecteuler problem 120. Nice application of HS algebra. WolframAlpha helpful for checking my code 10:09 brute-forced problem 179 for #projecteuler. Not a very inspiring problem. 1 more […]

links for 2010-03-24

At the Tea Party – The New York Review of Books Great account of the big Tea Party convention by Jonathan Raban (tags: nyrb usa politics tea-party conservatism wingnuts)