Twitter links for 2010-02-28

  • might as well watch the hockey finals… I think we’re gonna see a new Lake Placid 20:18
  • o/~ don’t wanna be a Canadian idiot // don’t want to be a beer-swilling hockey nut 20:27
  • of all sports commentators, I think hockey commentators are the fucking stupidest #svt 20:58
  • när jag ser puffarna för kommande program i SVT så påminns jag varför jag inte tittar på kanalerna #pekoral #fb 21:06
  • I loaned Joanna my work lappy and she’s swearing non-stop over Word 2007 21:14
  • and it’s game on again 21:30
  • our cat does not care for the hockey, lets her rear leg drape gracefully over the screen as she toasts on tht TV 22:07
  • ok now her front leg is down too… I don’t think she likes the commentator’s excitement #suckit 22:10
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