Twitter links for 2010-03-03

  • working on the coalface today, filling the first line role #work 09:37
  • WTF Polisen ska få tillgång till FRA?? Vad är oppositionens inställning till detta? #val2010 #fb 10:39
  • I’ve started using my old clickety-click Keytronics kb at work, cow-orkers are slowly going mad 12:43
  • Reinstalling my ipod has re-enabled podcasts, happily listening to past eps of #Skeptoid 16:14
  • weird, I don’t see many other people around with Freitag messenger bags, guess I have one hipster cred point 16:36
  • Ah teenager, our resident hulk managed to break our freezer handle in a pique when his microwave pizza wasn’t finished 17:49
  • wtf India and Australia are members of the Fed of International Bandy?? 18:01
  • upstairs neighbors are moving furniture at 11:15pm, wtf? 22:19
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