Tweets for 2010-03-30

  • Ha dude next to me on the tram is watching The Wire on his iPhone 05:27
  • punching in 06:18
  • wow lots of new followers, I’ll get back to refollowing you dudes in a short while! 06:45
  • we have a GIANT Easter egg filled with candy in the workplace, i can feel my teeth rotting just thinking about it 09:01
  • went out for a short walk with the D200 after lunch, snapped some shots, felt better #photog 12:32
  • One of Calvinism’s tenets is “total depravity” which is a hell lot less fun than it sounds 15:59
  • At local big box store buying a Wii and a washing machine. I’d be living the Yank dream if I had a SUV but I don’t 17:20
  • I want to like “Boneshaker” but I’m not really feeling it 19:42
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