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Tweets for 2010-04-30

Apartment to be cleaned for the open showing on Sunday, I’m starting to think this shit ain’t worth it 06:42 Apple has fanboys, Google has fanboys, MSFT has fanboys… I guess Photoshop has them… but does Flash? #godhatesflash 07:44 AWSUM “Hugo Chavez Asks Fidel Castro to Join Twitter” 09:19 Big night out for Stockholm’s […]

Tweets for 2010-04-29

random fact: Japan has 17 times the population density of Sweden 07:03 RT @jimh is HP where big companies go to die? Compaq, Digital, 3Com, and now Palm… 07:20 cute, NPR has its own link shorterner URL: Not that is *that* long 13:22

Tweets for 2010-04-28

Week numbers in Google Calendar, subscribe to (via @hult) 09:07 Grant McLennan was a friggin genius #aussiepop 12:28 best site found today: Radioactive Consumer Products – includes cat litter, tape dispensers 14:12 Why people can’t be arsed to move more than 2 steps into the subway carriage eludes me #idiots #stockholm 16:15 dudes […]

Tweets for 2010-04-27

Bus 74 is eerily empty this morning 06:08 photogeeks love gimmicks like HDR and panoramas because it lets them spend more time computing than shooting #photog 07:48 hmm the #Spotify app doesn’t offer to auto-update to the new version? That’s a bit #lame, innit? 09:44 haha Skatteverket har delningslänkar till Twitter osv på sina sidor, […]

Tweets for 2010-04-26

Whoah dude my age with a Barbour satchel #moremoneythansense #oldbeforehistime #hipsterfail 06:16 even if Sony’s going to stop selling floppy disks, it’s still the icon for “Save file” in lots of programs. Computer appendix! 08:58 Headline in Metro: “after the ash disaster, the pollen-chock!” 10:09 I can’t believe there’s a local race condition in emacs’ […]

Tweets for 2010-04-25

om ni ska söka avdrag för hushållsarbete inför deklarationen så är det blankett SKV 4501 som gäller! #fb 08:59 Korv Stroganoff FTW! Nu ska det planteras äppelträd i kruka #medelklassmys #fb 13:19

Tweets for 2010-04-24

great sense of entitlement 12:03 På Indian Garden på Söder för lördagsmiddag efter en produktiv dag! #fb 16:13

Tweets for 2010-04-23

buy our apartment! #fb 09:27 wow The Pacific has me hooked! Can’t wait for the next episode 19:11 man I wonder who pays for Sean Reid’s writing, cos it’s not very good #photog 19:27

Tweets for 2010-04-22

wow that @daringfireball post about the poor little lost iPhone was totally TL;DR. Dudes need to be chillin’ 07:28 Hell hath no lengthy blog posts like a @gruber scorned 07:29 “Dear Iceland, we asked you to send CASH, not ash. Rgds, The UK” — my cuz Jonte, on FB 07:47 dear lazyweb, I’d like to […]

Tweets for 2010-04-21

ok time to document howto update stuff in FreeBSD 09:57 somehow it’s always CUPS that needs to be updated on Unix systems. Active development or really bad code? 11:42 the #iPad is just a physical paywall for media companies and it will fail as such #pundit 12:18 RT @lefarkins Freedom from Sodium is Slavery […]