Tweets for 2010-04-19

  • mounted the 28 series E after a month of 18/3.5. Love that lens but it’s bulky as all hell #photog 06:26
  • wow the inbox is full of cancelled meetings for the auditors who are stuck in London 07:25
  • Swedish copyfighters all up in arms over warrantless laptop searches at US borders… hello, welcome to 2008 07:48
  • yay new Foyle’s War ep up on tvtorrents! 08:37
  • all this whining about the iPad threatening free speech is amazing, it’s a $600 luxury item fer chrissake 09:41
  • I’m no vulcanologist, but this can’t be good #ashtag 09:52
  • F Katla, fear the Yellowstone supervolcano! #ashtag #doom 12:27
  • why the HELL do I need to restart after Adobe Reader is updated? Seriously, WHY??? #adobe #fail 12:58
  • great now I’m logged out of the CRM system 14:44
  • det vore inte Expressen utan binde-streck: “Vulkan-askan” 15:30
  • why am I hating on the freetards so much lately? Must be the stuff they put in the Kool-Aid at the office!!! 15:52
  • .@Eorlingur I’m installing Foxit tomorrow, life’s too short for Adobe software 16:45
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