Tweets for 2010-04-20

  • Wow a train to Mörby was waiting at Slussen. Awesome 06:08
  • SR says Iranian regime won over protestors. Never forget, IRL truncheons beats tweets 06:10
  • man this day is not looking good so far 😛 07:08
  • set up #tircd with debugging so I can try to find out why I can’t tweet w/ unicode characters 07:12
  • being a fanboy means you’re letting your consumer choices determine your personality. Is that what you want? 07:17
  • timezones and DST are a fucking pain in the behind 09:18
  • lunch at my desk, oh joy #work #fail 09:51
  • finally checked in my little pet project into the main source control 14:41
  • today in the wide end, 24mm is the new 28mm. I happen to think 24mm is a tad too wide #photog 19:43
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