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Tweets for 2010-05-31

wow, the Jewish state sure used to handle its PR better 06:17 my work computer freezes when trying to logon to both OCS and Windows Live… I *only* have problems with MSFT software, what gives? 08:06 wow I didn’t realize Israeli military had killed unarmed(?) activists. I guess Avigdor Lieberman is happy with that 08:27 […]

links for 2010-05-30

slacktivist: Sex & Money, part 1 nice memoir fragment from Fred Clark (tags: religion bible evangelism christianity business society interest usury)

Tweets for 2010-05-30

At Veddesta centrum 16:06 damn Leo won’t be in New York when Crackdown 2 is released, I was planning on camping out with his Xbox! #fb 20:04 *enjoys a well-deserved beer! Today was very productive thanks to bro-in-law Niclas #fb* 21:22

links for 2010-05-29

A Photo Student › RIP Dennis Hopper – Actor/Photographer (Interview) Interview with Dennis Hopper about his photography (tags: Dennis.Hopper photography interview) Gadget Patrol: iPad – Charlie's Diary Charlie Stross on the iPad, not your standard fluffy review (tags: ipad review charlesstross) | Photography and Studio Lighting (tags: photography diy technique howto blog tutorials lighting […]

Tweets for 2010-05-29

gonna look at drapes and blinds and stuff. *Fun* 11:15 how come more people know who Gary Coleman was than Dennis Hopper? “Blue Velvet”, people! 18:38

links for 2010-05-28

VMware ESXi 3.5 at Peter Kieser some notes on FreeBSD under VMware ESXI (tags: freebsd virtual vmware esxi)

Tweets for 2010-05-28

you can’t call this precipitation drizzle… it’s like random small drops now and then #weather 06:41 RT @jimh wondered why my #southeastern train was running early, turns out my wristwatch has stopped… 07:46 tar reda på hur man lämnar mitt fackförbund #fb 07:47 Ojdå, det finns en snubbe som skriver för Lundagård som har mitt […]

Tweets for 2010-05-27

RT ‘Shrek Forever After’ is like ‘Sex and the City’ in that it’s about hideous ogres seeking love. 14:30 today’s mystery, how come my virtual machine reports disk errors? 14:53 Hmm today is “iPad in EU” day! It’ll be interesting to see what they cost 16:23

Tweets for 2010-05-25

Considering the widespread buttache regarding the #Lost finale I’m glad I didn’t invest any time in the show 06:07 the Twitterverse, as summed up by @jwz: 07:26 so you didn’t think your bacon could be kosher? THINK AGAIN 07:38 RT @krisreng Undrar om Brommapojkarna tycker det är lite problematiskt att Svanberg svärtar ner […]

Tweets for 2010-05-24

assembling the puzzles of the impending #move 07:36 I’d like a headset with decent sound quality and a mic boom + USB interface. Recommendations? 09:09 Otippat, Svenskt Näringsliv gillar inte Arbetsförmedlingen #fb 09:42