Tweets for 2010-05-06

  • Slussen still smells of smoke, but at least the station’s open now #sl #stockholm 06:19
  • socialism used to be an ideology, now it’s just a pose 06:28
  • RT @jmusarra rotflmaololzorz: — ‘That which erodes human rights serves to erode humanity, fuckface.’ 07:09
  • Leica M9 battery “only” $130! Is this the cheapest Leica accessory evah? 07:37
  • ser fram emot midsommar på Björkholmen 2010! #fb 07:37
  • RT @dwlt The Tories tell us we’re a “broken society”. So how do they expect us to run our own schools, police forces, hospitals, &c? 07:55
  • On the bus to “Stockholm” Skavsta, the local airport for cheap flights 12:58
  • I wonder where all the good ole boys with their clanking bags of bottles are flying… #krakow2010 13:00
  • Magic number now over 4.6 … 14:07
  • Flight delayed more than an hour to 19:10, relaxing with a Hof in the bar #krakow2010 15:44
  • Waiting in line for boarding at a new gate; no announcement was made, suddenly everyone just upped and moved 16:39
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