Tweets for 2010-05-18

  • in general, if you can’t abide Twitter’s 140-char limit, don’t use it 05:56
  • min underbara fru har fixat flyttfirma! Det enda jag behöver göra är att hjälpa till att packa #lätt #fb 09:32
  • RT @isobelsverkstad snart också möjligt för 12-åringar RT @scabernestor: Polisen tvingade 16-årig tjej klä av sig: 09:46
  • popped down to Danderyd churchyard and snapped some pics with the new 35/1.8. Pretty poor light in the middle of the day though #photog 11:59
  • feeling bored, dipped into dpreview’s forums, found this inanity-filled thread: – FOR THE LULZ 12:32
  • Swedish Pirate Party taking over The Pirate Bay – brilliant PR move, the content mafia will give them tons of free press! 13:14
  • Hot walking to the subway! Time to break out the summer jacket 13:44
  • yet again I am reminded that the invite/kick interface is one of the cooler things with #tircd 20:53
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