Tweets for 2010-05-31

  • wow, the Jewish state sure used to handle its PR better 06:17
  • my work computer freezes when trying to logon to both OCS and Windows Live… I *only* have problems with MSFT software, what gives? 08:06
  • wow I didn’t realize Israeli military had killed unarmed(?) activists. I guess Avigdor Lieberman is happy with that 08:27
  • seriously my work lappy is like an ancient radio, it takes 15 minutes just to “warm up” 08:39
  • one of the (many) problems with the “War on Terror”, calling groups “terrorists” both dehumanizes people and devalue the term 08:51
  • stöd för Israel är inte nödvändigtvis stöd för den nuvarande israeliska regeringen 09:06
  • we rented a storage space when we moved from the house in 2007. Yesterday we *finally* emptied in time for a new move #fb 13:17
  • nothing in my US news feeds about the deadly #shipstogaza attack, smart move acting during Memorial Day weekend 20:51
  • I stand corrected, BoingBoing has lots of links 20:53
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