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Tweets for 2010-06-30

dagens #godwin: stödjer man inte Euron så eldar man på “nationalism, fascism och nazism” – 06:24 Euron är knappast ett demokratiskt projekt, snarare ett utslag av värsta sortens Euro-teknokrati 06:26 hur vore det om Euro-företrädarna kom med vettiga argument istället för att veckla in sig i “försvar för demokratin” 06:27 The Spy Who Had […]

Tweets for 2010-06-29

RT @stephenfry Magician David Blaine furious: his record of spending 42 hours in a box doing nothing has been broken by Wayne Rooney 10:04 RT @yigitdarcin: that is the way to hold an iphone 4 [via @yagiz] 10:26 lesson to self, don’t mention popular gadget-du-jour on Twitter unless you want drive-by spam mentions 12:38 […]

links for 2010-06-28

Riddarsporren « Att vara ständig Fin ögonblicksbild från sistlidna royalistspektaklet (tags: swedding sv-se Peter.Englund)

Tweets for 2010-06-28

Texas GOP wants to ban oral sex: #wingnuts 09:44 RT @krisreng Jag saknar den tidiga vm-matchen. Alldeles för långt till klockan 16.00. [+1] 11:32 tips för republikaner, följ @kunglhovstat på Twitter! #fb 13:21 how to hold your Nokia: 13:43 *snif* my poor Omega is off to Switzerland again for a warrantee fix of […]

Tweets for 2010-06-27

DEUTSCHLAND ÜBER ALLES #worldcup 14:32 that was TOTALLY IN for #ENG #worldcup 14:40 not rooting for any team here, just enjoying the footy #worldcup 14:49 well that’s England done 15:27 finished “Little Brother” by @doctorow, really good but can’t be arsed to blog about it 21:02

Tweets for 2010-06-26

tillbaka från härlig midsommarfirande på Björkholmen med Björn, Josefin och gänget! #fb 19:41 pity #USA is out of the tournament, but that’s how it goes. Congrats #GHA! #worldcup 21:04

Tweets for 2010-06-25

På båten till Svartsö #fb 08:10

links for 2010-06-24

Cops, Criminals and a Camera in Between – Lens Blog – Powerful photos from early 80s New York (tags: nyc usa crime photography b&w)

links for 2010-06-23

McChrystal Does Not Matter | The New York Review of Books more about the situation in Afghanistan, "already America's longest war" (tags: afghanistan war usa war-on-terror taliban) New Statesman – Why the Taliban is winning in Afghanistan Pessimistic and perceptive article showing the parallels between the First Afghan War in 1842 and the hopeless situation […]

Tweets for 2010-06-23

Lovely weather yet I’m stressed about all that needs to be done at work before vacation 05:44 hectic day so far, Grant McLennan holding the madness at bay #aussiepop 08:16 wow working with shared documents in MS Office is fundamentally broken 11:07 Crackdown 2 Demo released on #xbox live! 11:34 RT @Ewan A-ha-ha!!! The referee […]