Tweets for 2010-06-18

  • wow someone’s making a shooter based on Warhammer 40K’s Space Marines? Looks pretty good! 08:04
  • RT @Richard_Kadrey God,I fucking hate fisheye lenses. Saturday is […] Punch A Fisheye User Day. […] They know they deserve it. 08:49
  • “Um, hello? We’re using VON NEUMANN MACHINES HERE.” – [oldie but goldie, via @varjag] 09:43
  • Expressen har BARA bröllopsrapportering på sin sajt, vad i helvete är det här #hata #fb 12:21
  • so that’s what happened! (via @krisreng) #worldcup 12:59
  • wow, I did *not* expect #SRB to beat #GER! Shows how much I know about Balkan footie. Well done! #worldcup 13:28
  • our service desk got a 3-star certification from SDI! – Champagne all around, well done us! 13:54
  • Twitter-användaren @kunglhovstat har roliga tweets om det royalistiska spektakel vi tvingas leva med #swedding #fb 14:15
  • The Crap. I’m Trying to Give It. 14:57
  • Joe Barton apologises to Slovenia for USA equalising #worldcup 16:03
  • the usefulness of the world time dial on my new watch is lessened somewhat by it being covered by the minute hand for 10 minutes 16:18
  • tyvärr verkar det bli fint väder imorgon #republikan #fb 16:24
  • meh the ENG – ALG game isn’t really gripping me 19:23
  • hey yanks why are you so mad at the goal you didn’t get agains Slovenia? I thought you hated the #worldcup 19:30
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