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links for 2010-07-30

The Move to 'Restore' the 13th Amendment – Newsweek Hah, this came up in my reader right after I read Wikipedia's page of unsuccessful proposed amendments to the US Constitution. Wingnuts sure have a lot of time on their hands! (tags: us politics wingnuts lol)

Tweets for 2010-07-28

US military spending is the elephant in the deficit-cutting room. Make that a white elephant… 12:06 otippad upptäckt, Nina Wormbs är ledamot i Granskningsnämnden #jagmöttelassie #kth #fb 13:47 Getting an itch to get a new phone, too bad most either suck or cost too much 16:40

Tweets for 2010-07-27

digital might not be killing film but it’s probably killing colour transparency film #photog 07:45 took a quick peek into the subculture of “social media experts” and quickly backed out again. Wankers 08:53 trying to find evidence that Gauss had a heptadegacon inscribed on his grave, Wikipedia neither confirms nor denies 12:01 ah “The stonemason […]

Tweets for 2010-07-26

it’s probably time for me to re-read “The Book of the New Sun” 09:22 man back to work 09:34 researcher sez: monogamous societies are more succesful that polygamous ones: 11:41 so, those #iPad apps that were supposed to kill the web… how’s that working out? 14:41 10 years ago I envisioned the killer app […]

Tweets for 2010-07-24

finished the last story mission in Red Dead Redemption 21:13

Tweets for 2010-07-21

feeling less like total shit today 06:59 Despairing of finding “Harry Potter 2” for Viking among the boxed books, I have embarked on a quest to the local library. 14:02 Vampires come from Rumania, who have just exhumed the Ceausescus… this can’t be good #doom 15:10

Tweets for 2010-07-20

did some hoovering, now drenched in sweat 15:10 what is it with blogs these days where you can’t find the fucking permalink? I prefer copy-paste to some fucking button 19:55 the older I get the less complicated booze buying becomes. Scotch is always Famous Grouse, for example 21:22

links for 2010-07-20

Similar to Snail Mail – The Daily WTF This is just too funny (tags: daily-wtf software release requirements fail humour)

Tweets for 2010-07-19

it sucks to start my 3rd week of vacation with strep throat, but at least Viking is enjoying the Wii! 11:30 tomorrow I’m going to the doctor, fuck this fever shit 20:25

Tweets for 2010-07-16

finally home!!! 22:40 got a call from Franks Ur yesterday, my trusty quartz Omega is back from Switzerland! 09:36 I flyttagen med Hanna, nu kebabpaus på Gullmarsplan! #fb 12:34 where the fuck did I leave my copy of “The Fuller Memorandum” #messyhome 17:18