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Tweets for 2010-08-31

Jag tycker det är bra med jämställdhetsplaner, men *alla’ företag, *varje* år? Hallå cut-n-paste #val2010 10:17 My giant sensor, let me show you it #Canon #photog 11:07 Danska Venstre anser att det faktum att SDs valfilm inte ska visas i TV4 är ett “demokratiproblem”. Jag säger: no SD, no problem #val2010 18:54 RT @mmasnick: […]

Tweets for 2010-08-30

My case of the Mondays isn’t helped by my substandard computing platform 07:33 “pensionärer valets vinnare” – det märks att 40talisterna går i pension nu! #val2010 #generationskrig 14:53 RT @TweetsofOld: The commissioner of agriculture advises young men to marry clever Georgia girls, buy a farm, and try to raise sheep. GA1877 17:46 RT @chr1sa: Amy […]

Tweets for 2010-08-29

ok that’s the third used item I’ve been unable to get my hands on this week… maybe I should just save my money #photog 12:01 @xboxflickan han ser grovt skyldig ut på den bilden 13:47 RT @varjag: the twitter revolution that wasn’t 15:42 RT @isobelsverkstad: det är väldigt roligt att ett parti fullt […]

links for 2010-08-28

True Barbarians | Hoover Institution Review of what sounds like a very interesting book about the Barbary corsairs (tags: piracy history barbary coast corsairs)

Tweets for 2010-08-28

in 4 minutes I will have to start cleaning our apartment … do not want 07:56 Förutspår att Lena Anderssons appell for barnfrihet kommer mötas av massiv backlash #fb 13:37 RT @alexgutierrez: There are two ways this headline can be read. 20:43 RT @TweetsofOld: J.T. Arnold, manager of the Prison Work Farm, has […]

Tweets for 2010-08-27

my used-gear shopping fu is weak #photog 08:01 The fact that you can open new connections in tabs in #Filezilla makes me love it even more 09:41 Ireland goes for austerity, Spain is more relaxed. Guess who has an easier time raising money? 09:52 RT @phototweet: @gerikson There is no such thing as bad […]

Tweets for 2010-08-26

“Nya medier. Nu uppgraderad med medeltida hederskultur.” – 12:28 anyone know if Gmail has any limits to the number of filters it can use? 17:05 RT @TweetsofOld: J.W. Tharp, jilted by a girl ,took a dose of chloroform, but was pumped out and will live. IA1897 19:46

Tweets for 2010-08-25

bara i Sverige(?): politiker får kritik för att dom vill *sänka* skatter #val2010 12:33 Julian #Assange, [self-professed] sex god! 13:50

links for 2010-08-24

Nano-nonsense: 25 years of charlatanry « Locklin on science Wonderful rant and a skeptical look at the non-existent promises of "nanotech". Via varjag (tags: nanotech rant science drexler skeptic)

Tweets for 2010-08-24

“Tack” SL för att ni plötsligt bestämde att tåget till Mörby skulle till Ropsten istället. #fail 07:02 Based on #Nikon has made ~56 million lenses, 22 million primes (40%), 34 million zooms (60%) #photog #stats 18:28