Tweets for 2010-08-09

  • surfin’ on X2000, on our way to see the rents in Halmstad 10:13
  • seeing other people’s computer desktops is a weird form of voyeurism 11:10
  • I wonder if SJ’s on-train wifi blocks torrents… let’s find out! 11:30
  • Hässleholm, eller Hässlehelvete som mina lumparkollegor kallade det. Det luktar svingödsel här #fb 12:22
  • aha! I now know what i forgot to pack: shades! However according to the weather forecast i won’t need them 12:25
  • Gewürtztraminer ftw! 16:14
  • more pics are being taken with prime lenses than at any other time in history! (hint: very few mobiles have optical zooms) #photog 18:59
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