Tweets for 2010-08-27

  • my used-gear shopping fu is weak #photog 08:01
  • The fact that you can open new connections in tabs in #Filezilla makes me love it even more 09:41
  • Ireland goes for austerity, Spain is more relaxed. Guess who has an easier time raising money? 09:52
  • RT @phototweet: @gerikson There is no such thing as bad light. Just the wrong sort of photographer. 11:55
  • “Inflyttning behövs till områden med gruvindustri” – Ekot. Hur många svenska ungdomar är beredda att jobba i gruva? 12:05
  • Reading the Canon forums on I’ve come to the conclusion that *all* posters on #photo forums are idiots, w/e brand they shoot 13:42
  • Jag tycker tjejen som snackar i SDs reklamfilm låter lätt efterbliven 19:23
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