Tweets for 2010-09-10

  • sooo, because #Tele2 couldn’t port my old number they simply cancelled my order without telling me? Thanks for that, idiots 06:13
  • iphone purchase foiled by 2 different more or less incompetent carriers 15:14
  • Heavyset man looking (and smelling) out of place at Max 16:02
  • Microsoft dude takes over at Nokia, and I’m getting an iPhone #signsofthemobicalypse 16:05
  • RT @M_Ahmadinejad: I like to retaliate by burning a book that you Americans hold dear, but the only book you care about is Facebook. 16:35
  • Third time’s the charm for buying an iPhone from Tele2? We shall see! 16:54
  • RT @wilw: From a comment on my blog: “My parents went to a planet with no bi-lateral symmetry and all I got was this stupid F shirt.” #d16:55
  • Empire-cut clothes — making chicks look preggers since 1810! 17:36
  • does a framework jump the shark when parodies like “DOS on Dope” and “COBOL ON COGS” appear? #devel #ruby 18:11
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