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Tweets for 2010-10-31

I just unlocked the “Explorer” badge on @foursquare! 15:47 apropå senaste #subrosa RT @DNDebatt: Timbros nye vd: “Borgerligheten befinner sig i ett mycket utsatt läge” 15:57 dinner for Joanna (@ Erikson residence) 18:34

Tweets for 2010-10-30

returning purchases (@ Sickla Köpkvarter) 11:18 scored Bank’s “Surface Detail”! (@ Dieselverkstaden w/ 2 others) 11:51

Tweets for 2010-10-29

sub rosa! (@ Café Birger) 05:28 lunch (@ Lawson Danderyd) 10:18 back to the salt mine (@ Teleopti AB) 11:04

Tweets for 2010-10-28

it’s a truism, but the iPhone rocks on public transport. Taking a break from driving tonight 16:00 skipping the car tonight in favor of public transport (@ Danderyds sjukhus tunnelbana) 16:10 yay, Daily Beast’s feed goes full content! Hope it lasts 17:45

Tweets for 2010-10-27

RT @daveweigel: I like to think “Every Breath You Take” is sung by the girl from “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.” 09:23 Hade glömt att det var #lila27okt, vilken tur att jag tog på mig min lila skjorta av bara farten! 09:46 Står och “pappadansar” vid stå-skrivbordet till Docent Död. Ja, jag är gammal […]

Tweets for 2010-10-26

I usually disable wifi at work, #firesheep makes this an even better idea #paranoia 09:00 gettin’ jiggy w/ transactions (@ Cornerstone) 09:09 wtf is “ZOMBIE COUGARS” a promoted trend??? 09:18 lunch! (@ Forno Romano) 09:55 Detta är lite roligt ryckt ur sitt sammanhang: “Malmöpolisen jagar en man på cykel”. I verkligheten, inte så […]

Tweets for 2010-10-25

effing SQL server, how does it work? (@ Cornerstone) 07:27 Hey Tea, Douglas Coupland tweets at @DougCoupland [this is mostly a message for my sister in law, as a way of getting her on Twitter!] #fb 09:15 no email in the web interface leads to suspicion that mail is down at work 10:33 RT […]

Tweets for 2010-10-23

tycker att Roland Poirier Martinsson har helt fel om Tea Party-rörelsen Budgetunderskottet kommer inte minskas 17:36 undrar hur många av Sveriges konservativa som beundrar Tea Party-rörelsen tycker #prop19 är en bra ide #warondrugs 18:17 California’s pot economy and Proposition 19 18:18 I think my 8-year old son is a bit too young to […]

Tweets for 2010-10-21

RT @phototweet: Given how we like to accessorize any hobby, isn’t it surprising that there is no such thing as the photographer’s shoe? 12:14 I’m gonna buy a wallet-sized portable harddrive, any marques to specifically avoid? Not a fan of LaCie 12:30 started to read reviews about Windows Phone 7 then realised life’s too fucking […]

Tweets for 2010-10-20

today’s downer: Consolas doesn’t seem to support Unicode box drawing symbols 11:22 waiting for the rest of the family for Leo’s b/day dinner (@ Jimmys Marina Steakhouse) 16:23