Tweets for 2010-10-25

  • effing SQL server, how does it work? (@ Cornerstone) 07:27
  • Hey Tea, Douglas Coupland tweets at @DougCoupland [this is mostly a message for my sister in law, as a way of getting her on Twitter!] #fb 09:15
  • no email in the web interface leads to suspicion that mail is down at work 10:33
  • RT @Isabellestahl: “Om man ser en invandrare låter man blicken mjukt glida ned till Iphonens display” skriver på svt debatt om malmö htt … 12:05
  • #newtwitter looks like shite in IE7. Not that I care. 13:00
  • OK *now* I understand why I can’t see retweets… IE7 crappiness strikes again! 13:34
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