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Tweets for 2010-10-19

London’s Ring of Steel (via @UnlikelyWorlds) 22:34 I just unlocked the “Super User” badge on @foursquare! 16:53 finally home (@ Erikson residence) 16:53

Tweets for 2010-10-18

learning some SQL Server-fu (@ Cornerstone) 10:17 vet inte riktigt vad som jag inte gillar med Våra vänners liv… too close to home? #svt #fb 19:31 wow I have a 2.5 issue New York Review backlog, maybe I should stop dicking around on the internets and read some real content #don’tthinkso 21:21

Tweets for 2010-10-17

hmm I’d really like a beer for my forthcoming fish ‘n chips but I need to drive later. Car == teh suck 11:38 Gapar åt “Dansfeber” #fb 12:34 I just unlocked the “I’m on a boat!” badge on @foursquare! 13:15 för @isobelsverkstad: 20:30

Tweets for 2010-10-16

late breakfast (@ Erikson residence) 08:41

Tweets for 2010-10-15

punching in (@ Teleopti AB) 05:12 hmm if you change the format of a logfile, don’t forget to change the script that scans it #duh 05:25 Vad är det Bodströms ungar gör i USA egentligen? 06:30 Man kan aldrig ha för mycket Elin Sigvardsson i sin spellista #fb 08:19 Mörby centrum lockar med Systembolag […]

Tweets for 2010-10-14

wrapping up for today (@ Teleopti AB) 15:33 waiting for pizza (@ Café Soir) 16:44 bye bye rinderpest, you won’t be missed 18:20 wonder when we’ll see a Windows 7 phone here in Sweden 19:14 wow, systems maintenance, like visits to the dentist, only get more painful the longer you wait 19:48 […]

Tweets for 2010-10-13

Considering I just added my workplace to Foursquare it shouldn’t be too hard to become mayor of it… 06:48 wow, the support in #ttytter for “in-reply-to” and threads is awesome. It’s what I was missing in tircd 09:51 definition #3 is a bit different from the others 10:03 Ska ta mig en kall öl […]

Tweets for 2010-10-12

our case handling system can’t send or receive mail, makes for a “relaxing” workday #notreally 11:03 why is my server updating X11 packages… 13:00 interesting problem, solution is OK I guess but the name is effing twee 13:06 finally time to punch out #tuesdayisthenewmonday 16:08 lol Holland – Sweden 1 – 0 … we […]

Tweets for 2010-10-11

angående vindsvåningsreportaget i DN… jag tycker det är som reportage skrivs i största allmänhet i inredningstidningar #fb 10:26 wow, the new version of @ttytter looks cool! (scroll down) 17:46 testing the new @TTYtter, wow character count! MAD #PERL SKILLZ 17:56 nu: fylla diskmaskinen. Efter det, Venture Bros! 20:37

Tweets for 2010-10-10

grannens borrande låter som ett jetplan som startar, no joke #fb 16:27 RT @andyy: RT @sacca, @jasonjordan: Today is 10/10/10 NOT 10/10/10 you stupid Americans. 16:28 hmm this table surprised me 17:24 lazy Sunday evening: crisps, beer, and Google Reader #goingtoseed 20:54 now adding the magical 4th ingredient: @aimeemann! 21:00